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PROVE IT to yourself
DO IT for a girl named Faith

Help N'Tense Fitness raise money to help Faith, a 15 year old girl who has been fighting the unimaginable.  



100 burpees for 100 days from August 6th to November 14th.  Don't limit yourself by what you think you can do.  We guarantee everyone can participate in this challenge no matter your fitness level. 

Join as an individual or as part of a team.  


 Faith is the niece of one of our members, Kristy.  All of the proceeds raised during this challenge will be donated to her family. 

100 burpees in 100 days...prove to yourself that you can and you're a badass. Know that by doing this you are not only improving yourself, but helping someone very special. 


Sign-up online or at the gym by Monday, August 5th to join the N'Tense Fitness team!  Stop by the gym for your team or individual photo anytime before August 6th and plan to join us for an end of challenge celebration on Friday, November 15th.

Meet Faith


A Fighter and an Inspiration

Faith turned 15 last week and she has proven that she is an unbelievably strong fighter.  She was admitted to Children's Hospital in July after an ultrasound showed a mass on her pancreas and on her lungs.  A week later she was diagnosed with primary mediastinal b-cell lymphoma and began a chemotherapy treatment to shrink the tumors.  Faith will have to receive 6 rounds of chemo, which entail 5 days in the hospital and 15 days of rest at home before repeating the cycle.

Faith is the niece of Kristy, one of our N'Tense Fitness members.  She loves reading and hanging out with her friends and her favorite activity is hiking with her family in the mountains.  Help us show Faith how much she means to us by joining in this challenge and contributing as either a participant or donor.

In March-April after a winter in the mou

The Rules

1. 100 burpees in 100 days.  You have 24 hours to complete 100 burpees as an individual or part of a team.  If you are on a team, each team member has 24 hours to complete 50 burpees (if a team of two) or 25 burpees (if a team of four).
2. If you miss a day, you must add 100 burpees (or 50 or 25 burpees depending on how you joined) the next day for every day you missed.  
3.  If you know you will be missing a day you and you cannot do your burpees you can give them to a team member to do on your behalf.  You can also "buy-out" of your burpees for $1 per burpee (see the EXTRA section below) or give extra burpees to other teams/individuals. 
4.  Challenge burpees are in addition to your scheduled workouts.  If 30 burpees are part of the gym workout for the still have 100 burpees to go!
5. Don't quit!  Quiting is not an can do this!



Those Burpees Were Fun..Said Nobody Ever
Scott B.
Kendra N.



Team: Burpin' It Old School 
Jenn & Nathan
Team: Burp then Bottle 
Heidi & Dave
Team: The Wheelers 
Alyx & Eric
Team: Buck Furpees
Brandy & Cortney
Team: TC/Cody
Denise & Tim
Team: Fatties No More
Amy & Brady
Team: Free Range Chickens
Jen & Amy
Team: Fire Breathers
Keith, Brooklyn, Brian, Meagan
Team: Keepin' the Faith 
Kelly, Beth, Joy, Kristy
Team: Team 307
Vickie, Geannie, Jenn, Chris
Team: Crushin' It 
Heather, Heather, Chris, Stephanie
Team: Elder Statesmen
Norm, Val, Jeff, Kathi
Team: Burping Bradys
Ed, Nick, Christian, Zac
Team: Leap of Faith
Amber, Stacey, Kelly, Armondo
Team: Burpees Gone Wild!
Thom, Sonya, Ryan, Jake
Team: ?
Meredith, Monique, Steve, Cheryl 
Adam, Emily, Tiffany, James
Team: Crawford Clan
Teri, Ben, Sydney, Cheryl
Team: Faith Moves Mountains
Kerry, Meredith, Steve, Cheryl
Team: Burpeeing with My Homies
Kristy, Leslie, Shana, Julie
Team: Deze Balls
Lynn, Mike, Jill, John
Team: Slurpees
Bryan, Chelsea, Rusty, Dan
Team: TBD
John, Jennifer, Ella, Avery

The supporters

We need the help of all of you to make this fundraiser for Faith a success.  If you are not quite ready to commit to doing the challenge, but want to help push your fellow teammates consider making a donation.


We want this fundraiser to be interactive for all participants and "extras" are a way to keep it fun and raise additional donations for Faith.  


Want to give an extra 10 burpees to an individual/team?  Here is where you can do it!  Need to buy out of your burpees for the day?  We have you covered. 

Want to make Keith wear a weight vest for his set?  Done!


There is no limit to how many add-ons you purchase and you can purchase "extras" even if you aren't officially participating in the challenge. 

Pay for the extras and drop-off your "assignments" at the gym (cash, check or venmo).  Just make sure to note: 

Who it is for - Who it is from - If you want it done on a specific day. 

Closeup image of a man wearing in weight


Want to make a participant try a little harder?!  Purchase this option and make them wear a weight vest for 15 of their required burpees for the day!  Make sure to name the participant you are purchasing it for.  Have more than one in mind?  Buy for as many as you'd like!  

$10 for 15 burpees

$10 for 15 burpees per team i.e                 15 per team member

Man making burpees during strength train


Do you think that 100 burpees a day just isn't enough?!  Purchase extra burpees for someone else at $5 for 10 burpees for one day for one person.  Make sure to name the participant you are purchasing it for so they can thank you later ;-).  Want to give it to more than one person or an entire team? Buy more than one bundle and make sure to list the team name!  

$5 for 10 burpees

$5 for 10 burpees per team i.e                   10 per team member



Want to keep things "interesting" for participants?  Consider purchasing a unique burpee combo for them for the day...think burpee box jumps, burpee deadlifts, burpee pullups - you decide!  Make sure to list the individual and combo you would like them to do.

$10 for 10 combo burpees

$10 for 10 combo burpees per                  team i.e 10 per team member

Dollar Notes


You had the best of intentions but maybe you just couldn't get your required burpees done for the day and no one on your team will take them for you.  Purchase burpees to get out of the hole!

$1per 2 burpees

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