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Founded by Keith Nomis in 2008, N'Tense Fitness is a family-owned and operated gym.  Here you won't find corporate programs, a fitness franchise, or membership restrictions.  You won't find mirrors, machines, or repetitive programming.  Instead you will find a gym committed to you.  Here you are not a number, but part of the family. 


Our classes are crafted to work the entire body with a focus on building strength, endurance and stamina.  As we work with you to meet your goals, you will find accountability in the simple fact that we know and care about YOU. 


Your time at N'Tense Fitness is yours alone to grow, push yourself and exceed beyond what you thought possible.  You will find our environment and atmosphere fun, family-friendly and non-intimidating.  We work with all fitness levels and ages.  Affordability is incredibly important to us and we have always strived to ensure our programs are financially competitive. 


Give us a chance to work with you and you will not be disappointed.  Stop thinking about what you can be and start making it a reality today.



My goal is to share my love of fitness and competition with all who are willing to jump in with me and go for it.  I have been a competitive athlete my whole life and have had a love for training.  I want to challenge myself and others to do things they never felt possible.  I want to inspire and motivate all those around me.



Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going...Habit and of course a bit of fun, a strong community that will support you along the way and a team committed to keeping you injury free and seeing results


N'Tense Fitness classes are designed to tone and build muscle while increasing your endurance.  Our program incorporates interval training at various levels of intensity to increase your stamina and reduce your required recovery time.  By constantly varying the exercises you will find your body must adapt and not become accustomed to the same patterns. 

A huge thanks to Keith, Mitch, and the N'Tense Fitness Family.


I have been working out for 25+ years and have not had the results with any program that I have seen over the past two years at "The Box".


The workouts are intense and the support from everyone keeps you motivated. The workouts I do here in 30 minutes would have taken me 2 hours do do on my own. Actually, being honest, I would never have done them on my own - I would have thought you were crazy.


When you are serious about getting into shape and looking for a great full body fitness experience you need three things - a solid programmed workout, a motivating and driving coach and people (friends) pushing you. You find those three things and stick with it - you will see results.


This is more than true about N’Tense Fitness. Everyone is motivating and encouraging, the workouts are challenging and they will push you. And clearly one of the best aspects is the owner/coach, Keith.  


He is the best there is anywhere!


I never was able to stay motivated to workout consistently until I finally took a friends advice to come and try N'Tense Fitness.


Since starting in July of 2012 I have reached a level of fitness I haven't seen since I was in my 20's and in many ways I am in even in better shape. Keith and N'Tense Fitness as well as all the great people friends associated with "the box" have been a blessing that can't be summed up in words.  


The decision to start has changed my life forever..definitely a lifestyle change and for that I am forever grateful.  Thanks Keith! 


This place is not just a gym, it is a family.


The people are so incredibly supportive of one another and that is a tribute to Keith. He is an unbelievable trainer that pushes and encourages you all at the same time.


In the handful of months I have been going, not once has their been an identical workout.


Can't recommend this gym and Keith enough.



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